Breed Club Meets
We are proud to sponsor the following meets. Please be aware that while most of these specialty clubs provides awards based on these meets, they also require membership prior to commencement of judging. Be sure to join all clubs you are interested in. See the show secretary if you need additional information about how to contact them.

*Breed Club Meetings change every year, and while we strive to keep up with this ever changing information, sometimes some slip through. So....
Breed Club Meets Subject to Change without notice.*

NATIONAL STANDARD GAME MEET in Honor of Clifford Douglass

Special Meets
American Bantam Association
American Brahma Club
Old English Game Bantam Club of America
Plymouth Rock Club
Rosecomb Bantam Federation
Belgian D'Uccle & Booted Bantam Club
Call Duck Club
Amerauucana Breeders
International Waterfowl Breeders Association
Rhode island Red Club
Wyandotte Club
American Silkie Bantam Club
American Brown Leghorn
Cochins International

State Meets
National Jersey Giant Club
Sebright Club of America
Rosecomb Bantam Federation
Nankin Club
Modern Game Bantam Club of America
Old English Game Bantam Club of America

Club Meets
American Poultry Association

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