The Eastern New York State Poultry Association was founded in 1962, it began as a collaboration between the Sherburne Poultry Club and Cobleskill Meet. For the past 53 years its puppose has been to promote the interest of breeding and exhibition of purebred poultry, fancy poultry, and waterfowl.

Founding members include Everette and Betty Foland, Lillian and Ralph Morey, Duane "Red" Turner, Stan "Longface" Braun, and Clifford Douglass (apologies if we missed anyone). Along the years the founders and their successors have passed on the responsibility of keeping the ENYSPA going and the Fall Show up and running. The current members of the Eastern New York State Poultry Association are Jamie Matts, Show Secretary & Exhibitor Cooridator, Terry Matts, Raffle Table Cooridator, Assistant Exhibitor Cooridator, and Bobby Allison, Treasurer & Cooridator; for the last 14 years they have kept the Fall Show and club meets going.